Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Joys Of Parenting

When I was younger, by Dad used to do that to me too. I would really dread those last few words. (Please comment!)

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  1. lol.I always see it as being 'demonstrative'.
    I'm the first to play with all Christmas and birthday presents just to "check that they're working properly". And I see playing on the computer as a 'bonding experience'...even when I've been on there for 4 hours straight and the Lil man is crouching in the corner planning my imminent death. It's all part of being a for the joy bit...someone let me know when that part kicks in.

  2. @Lily: When I was younger, I always used to hate when my dad would creep up and ask to play my SNES (Video Game Console). Sigh, good times.

    I love kids. Sigh, they provide so much content for this webcomic. Lol. Thanks for commenting.

  3. When I was younger there were no videogames. My father never tried to play with my plastic dinosaurs.

  4. @Kenneth J. DeVries: I guess you were lucky that way. XD.

    See ya all next week.

  5. that's awesome! I am 22 and have never owned a video game :P

  6. Wonder how long before you start doing it yourself, Nate... ;)

  7. @Amelia Elliot: There is nothing wrong with that. :D

    @Vishal Kataria: Oh, dear, I have no idea, lol.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting to both of you! Come again soon!